Monday, 12 May 2008

Virtual friends

Some time ago, someone I "met" over the internet asked my advice about something. I'm not sure how much use I was at the time, but I hope I helped them a little. I never did meet this person, nor have I spoken to them. Today I told the same person about a problem I have, as you do, looking for ideas and inspiration when you can't see a clear way ahead. And I received some excellent and calming advice. So firstly, thanks very much to my virtual friend. I hope my advice to you back then was halfway as constructive as yours was this morning to me. And secondly, to everyone on the internet who gives something - whether friendship, advice, help or whatever. It is appreciated, as I discovered today. You don't need to meet someone or know them personally to be able to help them. There are bad points to the internet, but there are good ones too.


Anonymous said...

oh I am blushing so much. How kind of you to say such lovely things about me.

I can be very abrasive sometimes, but underneath my harsh exterior, somewhere, there lies a heart of gold.

From a bad past experience on the internet many moons ago, I lost faith for a little while in the value of "internet" or "virtual" friendship. However, your help, understanding and advice saw me through that very bad time in more ways than one.

Thank you and I hope I can be of help to you if your problem continues in the future.

"A trouble shared is a trouble halved"

Now I must go and be a "bad Anon of Sheffield", too much niceness is not good for me! ;0)

I hope things work out very soon! I am there for you.

Your friend,
Anon of Sheffield

Anonymous said...

I meant to say also, (sorry being "nice" for once kind of phased me!!)......

Yes your advice with my problem was very, very constructive indeed.

It made me see the wood for the trees totally, which is difficult when you are so stressed.

Anon of Sheffield