Saturday, 29 August 2009

Offensive quotes

Spotted on the internet today...

"vegetarians? your as bad as them pakis and sambos!"

"a neighbour gavw me £15 for chopping some of her bush...i mean apple tree"

"You must be one of them gayers. One of them vegetarian gayers.... "

Gosh. It always amazes me how funny it is to insult
a) vegetarians,
b) people of Pakistani origin,
c) black people whether of Afro-Caribbean ancestry, or African, or American African, or anyone black in the UK, or just anyone who is not white,
d) women and their pubic hair,
e) gays.

Depressing. :(

Edited to add:
1) All spelling errors are attributed to the original posters.
2) These quotes come courtesy of Nigel who used to look at a forum. He has now stopped.
3) Why do people feel the need to write offensive, hateful, obnoxious language that quite frankly could be classed as inciting racial violence? Let alone victimising vegetarians and gays and taking the piss out of women who have pubic hair.

Note to self. Check out whether men have pubic hair too. And whether or not they chop their bushes. Yawn. (Irony for anyone who hasn't worked this out). No, these comments are not funny or witty. They are unacceptable and so are the people who post such comments on forums.

Monday, 17 August 2009


Seems there is nothing more guaranteed to set feminists against each other than the subject of animal rights - in whatever form. For no particular reason, I want to say, for possibly the millionth time, that I do not agree with sticking dogs in crates. Having been brought up with four dogs and to date had four of my own, all totally crate free, I quite frankly do not see the necessity to stick a dog in a small cell for my convenience. Shit, I forgot to say. I don't have a dog because it is a gadget, or a trinket, or a little cutesiepie. I have a dog (s) because I like and respect animals and want to try and save some from being put down. Killed. Because someone has bred them and can't sell them/home them, or has bought a fluffy puppy for Christmas, and then it got big and peed on the floor. Or worse still, it shit. And ate shoes. Scratched furniture. Ate cushions. Ms Perfect Dog Owner here can confess to: One puppy who crapped on the floor and we didn't notice it for some time. :( One dog in a new house who was excited and we didn't take him out soon enough. (a pee) Another dog in the same new house, similar reason who peed against a plant pot. A dog with a bad guts who couldn't get out of the house fast enough. A teddy bear and a couple of flip flops eaten over 20+ years. In no instances were the dogs at fault. Would a crate have helped? Yeah. It would have saved ME moving my shoes and teddy bear which I should have moved anyway. Let's have a look at lineage. Mmm, first dog, black lab puppy. Very sweet. Came from Blue Cross, we could have had the papers if we wanted as apparently he was pedigree. Who cared. He was up for rescue and we took him. A darling, and totally well behaved unless he smelled water five miles away in which case he was gone. Second dog. Cross lab/setter or spaniel. A great dog apparently, no problems with children just the owners felt he didn't 'fit' in the family any more after a grand total of six months. I wonder why. The little shit hated children. I don't blame him, I don't like them either. A dog after my own heart. Came from a rather grotty looking rescue place and barked like hell to get out of there. Around six months old. Third dog. Probably pedigree, but runt of the GSD pack by the look of him. Only in size though. I never missed a single night's sleep when I was on my own when I had him by my bedside. Obedient, intelligent, and very self-opinionated. He had been on the streets in the winters of the north of England before we rehomed him. Three or four years old maybe when we got him. Fourth dog. Looks like a husky/GSD cross. Came off the street. Beautiful temperament (unless there are cats around of course). A year old - more or less - when he found us? Who knows? Thrown out dogs don't wear labels around their necks. We didn't 'buy' any of these dogs. As the first three came from rescue homes we 'paid' a donation. The street dog was homeless, we just cut out the middle part and took him in anyway. The point is that none of these dogs were a) perfect or b) wanted. In fact they were very unwanted and could have ended up dead when their time was up. Make no mistake, going around rescue shelters is not a nice experience to read how many months (years) some dogs have been in without finding a home, and realising that if no-one takes them, at some point, they will be killed. And in case anyone thinks I have had only one dog at once, no. We have had one, two and three. If we had more space we would still have three or more. But I have two main points to make. 1) Is that you don't need a pedigree dog from a 'reputable' breeder to find a superb companion. You may end up with a pedigree dog by default from a rescue shelter. But a pedigree dog is not necessarily better or worse in character than any other dog. And if you want and like designer dogs as part of your lifestyle you shouldn't be reading this blog. Unless you want to learn of course that maybe looks aren't everything. Would someone buy you because of your looks and pedigree? 2) My crappy life's reject dogs didn't need crates. So why does everyone else's? Oh nearly forgot point 3). To justify buying a pedigree dog because it needs a home is not like taking a dog from a rescue shelter. Supporting someone profiteering from breeding animals ie dogs, is just unsound. You are not saving a life, you are lining someone's pocket, don't kid yourself, and you are justifying the perpetuation of the 'pet' industry. And because I know some people reading this have pedigree dogs/pups - this is not a dig at you. ~ Any of you ~ But next time, maybe rescue one?