Tuesday, 13 January 2009

What I like...

...or maybe don't like - about men - is their complete lack of sensitivity and total inability to get the plot. I think that is sufficient. If this means nothing to you, then quite possibly, you are a man.


Anonymous said...

As I'm sure you're aware, men and women work on totally different wavelengths and more often than not, the 'plot' needs spelling out to them.

... a man.

Pippa said...

Er no, A man, the plot does not need spelling out.

You, with your white het male privilege should do a little work once in a while.

If that's not too difficult for you.


Interested Person said...

well my man has quite a bit of sensitivity, although sometimes does not get the total plot.

I fear sometimes though, the plot can be very labyrithine and engineered and planned by me, so I cannot blame him totally for losing it.

However, I need more time to absorb this thoughtful and deep, but very short post.

I am admiring your brevity and hoping I spelled the lab word correctly, it looks wrong.

An Interested Person