Saturday, 21 February 2009

Joan Baez

My father introduced me to Joan Baez. My father, the radical trade union representative in his youth, who didn't like the politics of Joan Baez when he was older. He hated her singing 'We shall overcome' but couldn't resist the beauty of her voice.

So, when he was standing on his market stall, next to someone who sold records, he bought two Joan Baez LPs. I still have them. I can't resist listening. 'Once I had a sweetheart' is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard.

I can't listen to the LPs without crying. Not for sweethearts as such, but for the loss of people you have loved, and have gone from your life - my father obviously, and others too. And the purity of her voice is just so perfect. But even now when I listen to it, all I can think is, 'I wish things had gone differently.'

And on a more upbeat note. 'Te ador'.

Miss you dad.

All from Joan Baez in Concert, Part 2


Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

oh this is so sad. Once I had a sweetheart, the words are beautiful and her voice is so pure.

I miss my Dad sooooooooo much sometimes, I feel for you.

Just lately I have had some dreams about him, but when I reach out, he is not there...........

of course not, they are only dreams, but his presence seems so real in the dreams, I am always so dismayed when he melts away.

I wish when I was younger I had realised how fleeting the time is, and told him I loved him, and also asked him stuff about his family, his past, etc, I was too busy growing up to take time with him.


Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

Funny isn't it too, how sometimes they drove you mad, and yet you even miss them driving you mad!