Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Some thoughts

I was going to title this 'Thoughtful' but I'm not sure it is. I spend some considerable time on the internet/computer, largely because I enjoy writing. And reading. Oh, and I have time too. I have made some good friends on here – for varying reasons. Friends from forums and friends from blogs. Friends I have never met and probably never will. They are the sort of friends that I can email when I am fed-up or annoyed or whatever, and they will reply as soon as they can. Sometimes they offer advice, sometimes they just offer warmth and friendship, and sometimes they are just there. Some have offered to send me things I want that I can't get where I live. One has actually sent me something I wanted very much as a present. Another sent treats for my dog, carefully chosen to fit in with my vegetarian organic lifestyle. I certainly spend more time emailing people I have never met than people I did know, once, in a previous life. By and large, I take most people on the internet for who they say they are, which is a bit of a cheek considering that I have so many persona that even I am in danger of losing track of them. Although there are some strange people out there, I reckon most people are like me, just a normal person, who uses the internet daily for whatever reason. And sometimes I wonder why I walk from an internet environment and can't go back. Can't or won't? I've not been banned from anywhere – yet. Kicked off the admin team from one forum, resigned from another admin post, and walked from a few forums. I have gone back and posted on one occasionally. I don't miss the one I was sacked from nor do I visit it. I look at another one occasionally, there are some really nice genuine people on there. Yet, one argument too many, one insult too many, and - the desire to participate is gone. I've gone from enjoying a supportive internet community to disinterest. Shame, but that's life. If you know a group of people and one or two become unbearable – you just move on. So much in common, so little in common.


Totty Teabag said...

At least when you walk away from an internet group or forum you don't run the risk of meeting them in the street and having to choose between being very very polite, cutting them dead, or telling them just what you think of them to their face...LOL!

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

I am glad you take people on the internet as they are.

Although this can be a risky business in my experience......enough said on this particular subject.

as usual I digress.

Mostly though, I have found people I have met via the internet, whether actually met them, or cyber met them, they have proved to be fine.

I would not have travelled to the other side of the world to meet people I had never met otherwise!

I have a few friends from "real life" who email me regularly, but I am finding just lately, it is more interesting to email friends I have never met!

well as long as they talk pwopewly on theiw blogs of couwse.

how iwwitating it could pwove to be othewwise.......

sowwy you can delete this if you want too - as we say in Scotland quite fwequently, I took it too faw

don't laff too much at my bizawwe comments, my wheels may fall off.............

sigh said...

I'm one you'll definitely meet!!

nrh has closed down by the way. one bug caused another argument, and the queen threw a tantrum and shut it down.

Plus I sent you two things :P

And, I don't reply to your emails as quickly as I should, but I still love ya!!!