Saturday, 29 August 2009

Offensive quotes

Spotted on the internet today...

"vegetarians? your as bad as them pakis and sambos!"

"a neighbour gavw me £15 for chopping some of her bush...i mean apple tree"

"You must be one of them gayers. One of them vegetarian gayers.... "

Gosh. It always amazes me how funny it is to insult
a) vegetarians,
b) people of Pakistani origin,
c) black people whether of Afro-Caribbean ancestry, or African, or American African, or anyone black in the UK, or just anyone who is not white,
d) women and their pubic hair,
e) gays.

Depressing. :(

Edited to add:
1) All spelling errors are attributed to the original posters.
2) These quotes come courtesy of Nigel who used to look at a forum. He has now stopped.
3) Why do people feel the need to write offensive, hateful, obnoxious language that quite frankly could be classed as inciting racial violence? Let alone victimising vegetarians and gays and taking the piss out of women who have pubic hair.

Note to self. Check out whether men have pubic hair too. And whether or not they chop their bushes. Yawn. (Irony for anyone who hasn't worked this out). No, these comments are not funny or witty. They are unacceptable and so are the people who post such comments on forums.


Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

I gave up forums a long, long time ago. I could never win any of the arguments.

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

er, have to ask this, I know about gays, (have a couple considered as good pals etc)

I know vegetarians, but what is a vegetarian gayer?

never heard the word gayer before, that's all ;0D

although perhaps I have lived a sheltered life on my hill.

roughseasinthemed said...

The same thing as far as I am aware, just another derogatory variation on the same theme.