Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I want to be a rockstar?

Anyone who thought I had finished with feminist posts with my nice revived easy-going Clouds blog will be disappointed. Searching through YouTube for an original version of Nickleback's Rockstar - I was puzzled to find lots of versions of the official video seemed to have an important word taken out. What on earth was it? Swearing? Nah!! Course not. Drugs. So that very naughty word seems to have to be taken out of some of the YouTube vids. But .... it is perfectly ok to continue with gratuitous photos of scantily clad women, references to shagging women in planes (mile high club), the key to the playboy mansion, and photos of a naked woman in a bath tub, and another one gyrating sexily and - oh! wait! one photo of a not particularly attractive man with not many clothes on. What does that say to you? Well maybe not much, but it says to me that a few references to illegal drugs are worth censoring by whatever powers rule YouTube. Whereas really boring stereotypical objectification of women is not. Because it's not even important is it? It's life. We all want those hot sexy young chicks. In fact what we want is that life where.. 'the girls come easy and the drugs come cheap..' Mmmm, girls. Are we talking under age sex here? Or just crass language that describes all hot little bits of stuff as 'girls' (who come easy). Rather like.. and 'Gonna date a centerfold that loves to blow my money for me.' Very nice bit of imagery there. How are they blowing it? There was one older permed grey haired woman. She wasn't in her bikini or up to her eyes in bubble bath. Not even blowing bubbles. Good music. Shit objectification of women in both words and pictures. I have no interest in the drugs. I've got enough to do coping with the battle against women. But here is the original - because I don't believe in censorship. Rockstar - original lyrics until it gets censored again

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Dina ... UK said...

I love the clouds image.
While there are women who like to flaunt their assets, nothing will ever change in that censorship. :/