Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Women don't exist

I have been so busy droning on about internet politics and crap like that to the extent I have ignored world affairs.

Or perhaps there is indeed a link. It is called censorship. As in. You. Do. Not. Exist.

Hillary Clinton will do for starters. As will Audrey Tomason. And why are these two women in the news? Well, strictly speaking in orthodox jewish terms - they aren't.

Check out the links but, to cut to the chase, an orthodox jewish newspaper in New York cut Clinton and Tomason out of the photo where key White House staff were watching an update on the Bin Laden attack.

Let me put on all my hats.

As a historian - messing with history is garbage, and very, very, dangerous.

As a journalist - messing with records is lying and deceptive, and very, very, dangerous.

As a feminist - this is one of the biggest crocks of shit I have heard for some time. Getting rid of women on photos is getting rid of women, because men don't want them to exist. Especially in positions of power. Simple.

And if orthodox jewish men view those women as sexually suggestive that is THEIR problem, not that of the women in government. That's like saying - women shouldn't go out at night in case men want to rape them.

Now here is a comment that I particularly want to criticise.
While I disagree with the altering of the photo, I don't think it is g'neveit daat (GD). GD would be when they are trying to trick people into thinking something not true. The hasidic jews know that there are women in government, including as secratary of state. Also, does it really matter which officials were there or not?

Well, sweetheart, yes it does matter which officials were there. In fact why not get rid of all the men and leave the women in the photo?

In fifty or 100 years time, some of us won't be here. I certainly won't. Which hassidic jews will then know about the photoshopping and which women were in power at the time? Just - why delete the women? Because every single orthodox jew in the world finds them sexually suggestive? I find this horrific.

Any manipulation of data, history, records, images, - is deceitful - although it seems some jews can rationalise this one.

I should say that I didn't realise how incredibly sexist, no - misogynist - some jewish sects could be. My heart goes out to both Clinton and Tomason for the sheer disrespect and offence that they were shown from the jewish community.

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A few other comments. If you scrolled down the comments on one of the links there was a comment about women who cycle. Jesus!! Can't women do anything without being regarded as god-damn sex symbols???

Secondly - Golda Meir was the first thought that came to my mind - no pix of her? Israeli prime minister, third woman pm in the world?? Nope, apparently according to one religious zealot, she don't matter. Well done Golda, you left yourself a great heritage. A jewish community that disrespects intelligent and powerful women.

And - jewish people - if you ever wonder why you alienate yourselves, this is one very good example.

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