Friday, 19 December 2008

A vegetarian meal

It was the firm's Christmas meal today, and ever-mindful of Partner being vegetarian, the director organising it had requested a vegetarian meal for him.

He'd had breakfast at the appointed venue recently and said it was pretty good, so he had high hopes.

First course was minestrone, and when he asked, he was told it was made with vegetarian stock. So far so good.

The main course, was potatoes (mashed), potatoes (sauteed), and a potato (jacket), carrots and peas. Er, that's it.

Partner likes potatoes but even he was slightly overfaced. It is surely not beyond the creativity of someone working in a kitchen to come up with something a little more inventive than three different types of potatoes and two veg.

For example:
*buy a pot of hummus and serve with salad, raw veg, and pitta bread or even toast
*get a couple of veg samosas from one of the Indian takeaways and add those
*or felafels from a Moroccan shop
*or even a veggie burger from the supermarket
*or stick a few veg on skewers and make veg kebabs
*or as a last resort, that old staple from about 20 years ago or more - an omelette - in the days when the only thing people could think to cook for vegetarians was an omelette.

There must be many more easy examples of cheap fast vegetarian food but these were just the first few off the top of my head. Thanks to the firm for trying, they ordered in plenty of time, so it shouldn't have been that difficult.

But dear me. Why are we still being treated like such second-class citizens?


Letty said...

Not only vegetarians but people with allergies are badly served too.

I heard about a lady who requested an mayonnaise free sandwich, because she was allergic to eggs. She told the personage in the cafe it was a severe egg allergy.

So what was she served up with?

A mayonnaise free Egg and Cress Sandwich!

Also, a guy in the hospital bed next to my son recently, requested a gluten free meal. There was none available, and the lady serving him suggested she took the ham out of the sandwich and served him this. But of course he could not eat it, because the ham had been contaminated by the bread........

He then asked if he could go and get a baked potato from the cafe - he was not allowed to leave the ward. Poor man.

Letty ;0)

Anonymous said...

Potatoes, mmmmmmmmmm! Although they are probably the work of the devil too.

Did he get the offer of any gin with them?

Anna Who Has Run Out of Gin

Scarlett said...

If I were Partner, after what they served up for him, I would have had a severe flounce.

My skirts would have been over my head in my flounciness.

Not sure if I have spelled the f word correctly, but if not, use the bloody f word!

Scarlett xxxxxxxxxxx