Saturday, 21 March 2009


Whatever next? How can the control of sandwich content and their sales affect someone's overall diet? Uh? Story here There is more to what anyone eats in their daily life than a sad-looking sandwich bought out of desperation from a hospital vending machine. FWIW I do not buy sandwiches that are made in advance from sliced bread (of any colour) and encased in plastic for hours. I am lucky enough to live in a part of the world where fresh sandwiches are made on request with whatever filling is required - when available obviously. And if there isn't anything I like, I don't buy one. Saying what sandwiches can be provided is dictatorial and paternalistic in the extreme. I do hope, that while considering nutritional standards, meeting people's individual dietary choice is also taken into account. (*Wonders to self if people can still choose their own diet in the UK?*). I mean, that by banning the cheese and tomato sandwich, no doubt there are other vegetarian sandwiches to choose from. Yes? That's always assuming the cheese was vegetarian in the first place. And as for vegan sandwiches? Oh, and what is 'reformed' ham? Has it been naughty but suddenly started to behave itself????

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