Monday, 9 January 2012

A few good points about geocaching

After my extremely negative post about geocaching, readers may be wondering why on earth I indulge. So here to redress the balance, are a few positives.

1 After forking out vast sums of money for the techy gadget aka the GPS, at least we learned how to use it. After a fashion.

2 You do get to visit nice places/locations that you might otherwise not have seen. Three random favourites off the top of my head are:
Sometimes you get a decent walk out of it, sometimes you just visit an interesting location, with some history, maybe an old building, or some stunning views. Those to me, are what make a good cache. Puzzle caches are fun - when they are not too difficult, which they invariably seem to be to me, - and the quirky or unusual types deserve a point for originality.

3 It is good to be able to find a cache. At the moment, Partner and myself are nearly falling over each other in our rush to get to the more obvious caches. We are then so incredibly pleased with ourselves that we walk around with stupid grins on our faces. And as we invariably go caching first thing in the morning - nothing else gets done that day due to our momentous achievement of finding one small and easy cache!

Well, there we have it. I can't think of anything else to add to this somewhat short list. The attraction is that it gets you out and it can be fun. Not much more to say other than that. That's probably why I've only got 33 to my name in three years. I don't think I'll be awarded my geocacher's anorak just yet.


Totty Teabag said...

I think the closest I ever came to geocaching was in the 80s....Sunday afternoon Treasure Hunts with 20-odd clues and pub supper at the end!

roughseasinthemed said...

I am sure that would have been better!!