Saturday, 7 January 2012

Week One

To date:

One less internet friendship (although I have no idea why, as for once, I did not break it off).

A letter from the newly appointed management company for the block informing us that the proposed budget for next year will include a 40% hike in communal charges. Needless to state, most of this is to cover, guess what? The fees of said management company. None of which will go on block maintenance of course, which, unless I have missed something somewhere, is what most, if not all residents want to see. Said management company also seems to think it is their role to call the annual meeting. Er hello, I thought I was a director and that is MY role.

So most of yesterday was spent drafting an agenda for our annual meeting, emailing to and fro with the company adminstrators for our block council of management, and faxing the management company to inform them the directors call the annual meeting. Not some employed agency that hasn't been confirmed by the council of directors.

We tried out the washing machine again. It still leaked. Shit. Nothing is open today in Gib as it is Saturday. A week's worth of dirty washing looms.

Increase in management costs plus new washing machine = at least £500.

I do hope this is not an indication of the way this year is going to go.

Oh, and I have a cold sore too. I wonder why?


Blue said...

Well this post suggests/warns me of the awful 'joys' aka perils I too can look forward to as another leaseholder. At the moment the Mangement Group remains the Builder as still working on the top half of the site so costs have been kept low, but as only Angie & I seem to be active/interested owners forsee problems ahead.

The washing machine issue I soooooo sympathise with too - I finallty have found a machine to fit my smaller than usual 'hole' with the aid of it's sides greased with washing up liquid it fitted - god help me if I ever need to get it out - guess I should have blog posted this tale as only giving the edited version here :)
Anyway by the time it was in my washing pile was months high as hated going to the launderete.

Sorry about the cold sore, hope it heals asap.

Blue said...

PS -
Have responded to your comment re Doris Day and my Morning Glory photo on my blog :)